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Light Talk: A year in the life of light - Martin Klaasen (englisch)

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Sprache: Englisch
369 Seiten
Maße: 17,7 x 25,0 x 3,5 cm
© 2011, Klaasen Lighting Design
ISBN: 978-981-07-0120-8

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In October 2009, coinciding with the Professional Lighting Designers Convention in Berlin, I decided to start writing a blog about lighting, my passion, each day for a year! In my job as a lighting designer I travel a lot, have projects all over the world and meet many exciting people in and around the industry. Add to that my many years of lighting experience (now past 30!), the world events and local happenings and you have a rich pool of subjects to tap from. My first year of blogging is now available in a book (see order details alongside) and will carry the same title as the blog: “Light Talk’. While the subheading for the blog is “a day in the life of light”, the book is subtitled “a year in the life of light”.
The name “Light Talk” was chosen consciously to reflect the light heartedness of the blogs. I touch on the subjects that cross my path daily in a light hearted way, as a reflection and food for thought, or just simply to share my experiences as a professional lighting designer. Due to continued requests from the market I have decided to keep going with the blog. Have a read and enjoy as Light Talk “Season 2” is now on!


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