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Lighting for Interior Design - Malcolm Innes (englisch)

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Sprache: Englisch
192 Seiten
Maße: 21,8 x 28,0 x 1,9 cm
© 2012, Laurence King Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-85669-836-8

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About this book

This book is an introduction to the subject of architectural lighting design. It intends to explore the aesthetic and emotional capabilities of well-designed lighting without obscuring the subject behind science and mathematical formulas. Dramatic and visually stunning projects are illustrated throughout, but this is not just a picture book. The work of some of the world's leading lighting design practices is analyzed in detail to explore some fundamental principles of this field.
The book is divided into two parts. The first part, Theory, explains the physical properties of light and its physical and psychological effects on humans. It outlines elements of natural and artificial light, including a discussion of types of luminaire and control systems. The second part, Process and Practice, first covers practical lighting principles, good design for human needs, and how to light surfaces and spaces. It then focuses on the practicalities of presentation for clients and others: how to record lighting systems, and communication from initial sketches and test models through to providing specifications for contractors and the all-important on-site finalization.All these elements are crucial in realizing a successful lighting design project.


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