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The Future of Urban Lighting (english)

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ISBN 978-3-9811940-7-4

The Future of Urban Lighting

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The visions of eight Masters of Lighting Design.
Results of the Design Ideas Competition 2017.

Eight Masters of Lighting Design were asked to express their thoughts and outline their visions of urban lighting in the year 2053. The expected visualized thoughts were to touch upon the topics of:
Luminous architecture, luminous materials
Bioluminescence, Bio-LEDs
Pedestrian luminous ambience, spaces that address the senses
Biorhythms, well-being, neuroscience in relation to public spaces
Darkness, dark infrastructure, dark therapy
Personal lights, autonomous lighting devices, luminous drones, luminous fabric
The outcome will doubtless lead to diverse discussions. Creative ideas were submitted as well as dangerous, threatening developments. Urban lighting offers new chances and gives rise to risks. There is a need for experts to ensure we move in the right direction.

…Following a phase in which urban functions such as living, working, shopping and leisure were treated separately in our cities, the current trend is to return to a mix of all these activities, both in downtown areas as well as in the suburbs. This means the public realm will be used more consistently around the clock, which in turn will lead to an increased need for appropriate lighting solutions outside daylight hours.
Urban lighting in the form of master plans with illuminated landmarks and purposefully designed lighting for traffic and circulation areas is due to be complemented by light-related factors that relate to human scale and well-being at night time. Besides the need for safety – shady characters shy away from light – these include the effort to design public spaces so they are more attractive and promote social life in the urban realm. Designers were encouraged to include interactivity and smart lighting to support this move. The goal: human-oriented lighting design in the urban context, taking the City of Paris as an example…


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