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PLDC 2009 Proceedings (englisch)

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Convention Proceedings - PLDC 2nd Global Lighting Design Convention
28. - 31. October, 2009 in Berlin/GER

Keynote Speaker: Deborah Burnett/USA
Prof. Werner Osterhaus/D + Amardeep Dugar/NZ - The ‘weight’ of research in disseminating ‘light’ – defining research in lighting education
Gary Campbell, PLDA/UK - The application, influence, and potential benefits of using various lighting techniques to aid healthcare, wellness, and recuperation in holistic medical applications
James Carpenter/USA - Constructing the Ephemeral
Tapio Rosenius, PLDA/E - Almost there – what it takes to establish the lighting design profession
Piergiovanni Ceregioli/I - Conoscere la Forma (Appreciating Shape)
Aristeidis Klonizakis/GR - Designing with light and movement
Paulina Villalobos/RCH - Daylight. The good, the bad and the ugly of light and energy
Stefan Graf, IALD/USA - Lighting and professional responsibility
Christopher Cuttle/NZ - New opportunities for LEDs in museum display lighting
Cinzia Ferrara, APIL, PLDA/I - Natural and artificial lighting as main tools to revive Punta della Dogana
James Benya, IALD/USA - Net zero requires daylighting and super efficient lighting design
Brian Stacy, IALD/USA - Global view on proposals and contracts, with a regional spin

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. George Brainard/USA
Vincent Laganier + Jasmine van der Pol/F - Exploring lighting cultures: Light and Emotions research
Gabriele von Kardorff/D - Lighting concept, planning process and realisation of the reconstruction of the Neues Museum Berlin on Museum Island
Giovanni Traverso, PLDA/I - The natural lighting system for the Spidi showroom
Jean Sundin, IALD, PLDA/USA - Leading the way: preparing the next generation of lighting designers
Prof. Dr. Betina Martau/BR - Retail lighting and its influence on employees’ health and well-being
Prof. Dr. Simon Simos/CH - Socialization through lighting concepts for corporate architecture
Prof. Andreas Schulz, PLDA/D - Daylight autonomy in museums
Kai Piippo, PLDA/S - Business advice for lighting designers
Maninder Dhaliwal/CDN - Lighting designs to promote healing processes in healthcare environments
Pascal Chautard/RCH - Museum lighting at the end of the world
Bruno Demeester, PLDA/B - Lighting and sustainability: from ideas to practice
Maurice Asso, PLDA/RL - Lighting design and client psychology

Keynote Speaker: Davidson Norris/USA
Alfred Borden, IALD, PLDA/USA + Paul Levy/USA - Lighting as a catalyst for urban development
Karolina Maria Zielinska/UK - Do the new requirements for use of energy efficient lighting design mean the end of creativity?
Dr. Marisela Mendoza/UK - Light and identity
Herbert Cybulska, PLDA/D - Principles four, five, six
Dennis Köhler/D - Urban spaces and the integration of lighting concepts
Mary Claire Frazier, IALD/USA - Security lighting: quantity vs. Quality
Prof. Karl Albert Fischer/A - Humanity`s need for light and chronobiological light
Anne Bureau, ACE, PLDA/F - Work in progress – how to learn from lighting blunders on construction sites
Dr. Axel Hoffmann/D - The opto-electronics of zinc oxide
Enrique Peiniger, PLDA, IALD/USA + Jean Sundin, IALD, PLDA/USA - The making of the New York City LED streetlight
Prof. Dr. Helmut Müller/D + Prof. Dr. Andreas Neyer/D + Stephan Klammt/D - Advanced daylighting by micro structured components
Emrah Baki Ulas/AUS - Lighting design on the countdown to singularity

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dr. Hinderk M. Emrich/D
Iain Ruxton, PLDA/UK - A Flat Future – the creative potential of OLED technology
Ulrike Brandi, IALD, PLDA/D - Light for cities
Ola Muttilainen/FIN - Life cycle assessment of wooden and steel lighting poles
Jesse Lilley/DK - Marketing for lighting designers
Paul Traynor, PLDA/UK - Bokeh – the magic of unfocussed light and how to exploit it
Jonathan Speirs, PLDA/UK + Mark Major, IALD, PLDA/UK + Keith Bradshaw, PLDA/UK - In-depth masterclasses – a "grand Cathedral" and a "Grand Mosque"
Matthew Tanteri/USA - A visual methodology for daylighting design: Equidistant Projection Exercise Sequence
Gorm Teichert/DK - LED products and systems – a structure for comparing performance and quality
Sam Neuman/UK - Light Emitting Dreams
Henrik Clausen/DK - Light & Communication – considering the importance of artificial lighting in the communication between people
Dr. Georgios Paissidis, PLDA/GR - Urban lighting masterplan methodology

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Mark Rea/USA
Markus Reisinger/NL - Advances of a lighting research method that considers specifically spatial aspects of light in interior spaces
Roger Narboni, ACE, PLDA/F + Hong Wan/ROC - Grand Canal Lighting Master Plan – Ying Yue nightscape, Hangzhou, China
Kevan Shaw, PLDA., IALD/UK - Effective energy-saving strategies for lighting design
Natalie Jane Bell/UK - Lighting and the perception of safety
Kate Eun Young Park/USA - Light Memorial: Memory in Light
Federico Favero/S - TimeLight – temporal aspects influencing the experience of space
Patricia Rizzo/USA - Fire and Ice – the lighting of a smokestack and its riverfront
Hara Charalampopoulou/UK - Lighting Design CO2nsulting
Brianna McMenemy/USA - Designing the lit environment as a communication tool within the pervasive developmentally disordered population
Mariana Novaes/BR - In search of the meaning of light for elderly people: the role of (day)lighting design in their perception of space and how it affects in the recognition of place as home
Prof. Dr. Dieter Kunz/D - Light at the wrong time
Prof. Srdja Hrisafovic/BIS - The illumination of the historic city centre of Sarajevo
Charles Israel, IALD/USA - Do-it-yourself green
Khah-Leang Choon/MAL - Light in nature – artificial light in forests, and bioluminescence
Paul Ehlert/A - Communication with dynamic lighting – the fourth dimension
Dr. Andreas Wojtysiak/D - The design of biologically efficient illumination – from science to application
Francesco Iannone, FPLDA/I + Prof. Giovanni Villa/I - Enlightening Giovanni Bellini – Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome
Dr. John Mardaljevic/UK - Climate-based daylight modelling
Karl Ryberg/S - Colours for visual and emotional navigation
Aksel Karcher/D - Animation and digital lighting
Mark Ridler, PLDA/UK - Human response to sun, moon and cloud
Tommy Govén/S - The influence of ambient lighting on pupils in classrooms, considering visual, biological and emotional aspects as well as use of energy
Tim Edler/D - Architecture/sec.
Gaurav Jain/UAE - Daylight as the key generator of architecture in the Putrajaya Waterfront Development


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