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Convention Proceedings - PLDC 3rd Global Lighting Design Conference
19. - 22. October, 2011 in Madrid/E

Keynote Speaker: Paul Marantz/USA
Edward Bartholomew/USA - Applied darkness – A model for luminance-based design that creates a balanced, richer and sustainable visual environment
Paul Marantz/USA - Lighting the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa
Antón Amann/E - M30 – MRIO – public lighting and urban development project, Madrid
Prof. Philip Gabriel/CDN - Professional deontology: ethical issues in independent lighting design
Malcolm Innes/UK - “Why is it so dark in here?”
Mark Sutton Vane/UK - Three dramatic developments
Bryan King/NZ - Development of a “Road and Urban Lighting Holistic Assessment Model” (R.U.L.H.A.M.)
Kevan Shaw/UK - Lighting legislation – a failure to deliver sustainability
Nathalie Rozot/USA - (Em)Powering Times Square
Victor Barbero/E - The Lighting of the Real Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Carl Gardner/UK - Tackling unwanted light: an international perspective
James Benya/USA - The profession of Lighting Design – the road towards regulation

Keynote Speaker: Hadi Teherani/D
Thomas Schielke/D - Luminous walls: from stained glass windows via modernist wallwashing to pixelated planes
Koert Vermeulen/B - The Singapore Youth Olympic Games Opening & Closing Ceremony from A to Z
Sakchin Bessette/CDN - Urban Space 2.0: we do it in public
Paul Beale/AUS - How to establish a successful lighting design practice
Nona Schulte-Römer/D - Light for remaking cities. Trends and reflections on urban design
Dr. James Yuan/TWA - Mountain, Water, Lantern and Heart. Expo 2010 Shanghai China – the lighting design for the Taiwan Pavilion
Maurici Ginés/E - Matrix or screen
Kai Piippo/S - Business advice for lighting design companies
Ulrika Wänström-Lindh/S - A full-scale laboratory in a public space
Brendan Keely/UK - The Point at Lancashire County Cricket Club
Thorsten Bauer/D - ‘Lumentecture’ – projection mapping in the urban architectural landscape
Dr. Linnaea Tillett/USA - Grounding practice: speculations on affect and environment

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alexander Rieck/D
Christopher Cuttle/NZ - Perceived adequacy of illumination: a new basis for lighting practice
Prof. Semir Zeki/UK - The measurement of beauty
Roger Narboni/F - The old city of Jerusalem lighting master plan
Stuart Green/UK - Developing a sustainable lighting education
Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar/IND - Tangible lighting control interface: is this an iPod for lighting?
Birgit Walter/E - The making of the W Hotel Barcelona
Kristin Bredal/N - Dark dilemmas
Malcolm Innes/UK - Learning about light, how lighting educators are contributing to the professionalisation of lighting design
Dr. Craig Bernecker/USA - A practical method for commissioning lighting using high dynamic range photography
Paul Gregory/USA - Creating one emotion
Francesco Iannone/I - Ascona: night light sets made by natural daylight
Mark Vowles/UAE - “All that glitters is not gold” – avoiding the pitfalls of the Middle East

Keynote Speaker: Philippe Rahm/F
Gerard Harbers/USA + Dr. János Schanda/HU - Getting color right: improved visual matching with LED light sources
Florence Lam/UK - Ecological age lighting design
Louis Clair/F - New energy saving techniques in heritage lighting
Michela Mezzavilla/E - The Spanish side of light – a brief survey of the lighting design profession in Spain
Giovanni Traverso/I - About transparency
Merete Madsen/DK - Light to support humans in the office environment
Helen Diemer/USA + Dr. Esaul Sanchez/USA - Improving urban campus security with lighting: University of Pennsylvania case study
Architects Forum - moderated by Martin Valentine/UAE: Dr. Alexander Rieck/D + Philippe Rahm/F + Juli Capella/E
Colin Ball/UK - The darkness of the unconscious
Erik Nissen Johansen/S - Storytelling – the tool to create the greatest experiences
Emily Dufner/D + Vasiliki Malakasi/D - Lighting in the urban age: an integrated approach

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Brian Cody/A
Dr. John Mardaljevic/UK - Daylighting and compliance: a time for a critical reappraisal of existing standards and guidelines
Andreas Danler/A - Building with natural light – a symbiosis of light, space and sustainability
Douglas Leonard, jr./RCH - Lighting out of the box
Anna Sbokou/UK - The observer’s guide – a comparative study of eight stone sculptures and their spaces
Prof. Bruce Haglund/USA - Feasibility and design of a daylighted artificial sky
Jonathon Hodges/UK - Platform 5 at Sunderland Station (and why three art installations in one station was a very good thing)
Charles Thompson/USA - Regaining the tactile quality of lighting design
Lora Kaleva/UK - Saturated coloured light and its role in the night-time environment
Rachel Burke/AUS - A healthy light
Adam Weir/UK - British Airways First Class Cabins – LED lighting and control strategy
Emrah Baki Ulas/AUS - Lighting Designer vs. the Evil Forces of consumerism
Maren Leudesdorff/S - Retail lighting for fashion stores – the correlation between lighting design and visual store identity

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Alan Dilani/S
Peter Dehoff/A - The effect of light on humans – what do we really know?
Carla Wilkins/D + Meike Gössling/D - The lighting dialogue
Iain Ruxton/UK - The meaning of light – towards a taxonomy of illuminatory semiotics
Jemima Unwin/UK - What is the impact of the night-time use of lighting in hospital wards on staff and patients?
James Benya/USA + Deborah Burnett/USA - A perfect (circadian) day
Odile Soudant/F - Experienced newcomer – first projects after ‘going it alone’
Natalia Sokol/PL - The domestic environment – the barriers to efficient electric lighting solutions
Dieter Lang/D - Health effects of blue light sources
Glenn Shrum/USA - Learning more from light art
Max Erlemann/D - The quality of LED lighting


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