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Convention Proceedings - PLDC 5th Global Lighting Design Conference
28. - 31. October, 2015 in Rome/I

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Arnold Nesselrath/D/I
Malcolm Innes/UK - Digital lighting for the analogue museum.
Roger Narboni/F - Recent evolutions in lighting master planning.
Alberto Pasetti/I - Tintoretto in motion – “Enhancing our perception of art: how LED light is facing the challenge”.
Andrew Sainsbury/AUS - From chaos to clarity.
Allan Ruberg/DK - Myth-busting LED technology. How to design modern public lighting using new technology.
Shuyu Chen/TWA - “Every Exhibition Is a Map”: the relationship between the lit environment and the visual-somatic experience in a museum exhibition space.
Ya-Hui Cheng/TWA/AUS - Lanterns, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Tapio Rosenius/FIN/E - The lighting design practice in 2020.
Prof. Dr. Claude Demers/CDN - Lighting diversity and adaptability to climate: a quantitative and qualitative urban survey methodology.
Cinzia Ferrara/I - Museum lighting laboratory: Poldi Pezzoli case study.
Susanna Antico/I - LED technology for cities – what is the role of lighting designers?
Roberto Corradini/I and Marco Palandella/I - The language of Lighting Design. Exploring a new alphabet for transforming cities.

Keynote Speaker: Riccardo Marini/I/UK
Nona Schulte-Römer/D - Smart lighting, dumb users? Thinking beyond energy savings and cost efficiency.
Phil Supple/UK - Light as inspiration in a major public art performance.
Arve Olsen/N - Imitating or developing a design culture.
Martin Valentine/UK/UAE - Understanding the consequences of Abu Dhabi’s sustainable lighting strategy.
Cehao Yu/RC/UK - Configuring dynamic feature lighting/staging the social.
Piergiovanni Ceregioli/I and Fabio Aramini/I - LED lighting for a fragile masterpiece: Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper.
Dr. Craig Bernecker/USA - Sojourn to Senegal: a perspective on lighting for the developing world.
Rachael Nicholls/UK/AUS - Australian attitudes to lighting: global lessons to be learnt.
Dr. Elettra Bordonaro/I/UK and Mona Sloane/UK - Urban Lightscapes/Social Nightscapes – a call for collaboration between social research and lighting design.
Francesca Storaro/I - The permanent artistic illumination of the Imperial Fora in Rome.
Iain Ruxton/UK - The twilight zone: light and the liminal.
Nathan Savage/UK/UAE - How the other half light!

Keynote Speaker: Ilaria Abbondandolo/I
James Duff/UK - A new methodology for interior lighting design: on-going research.
Chris Precht/A/RC - Lighting the natural.
Paul Traynor/UK and Joe Vose/UK - The Search for the Tools of Light V3.0.
Isabel Villar/RCH/S - Daylight analysis: a basis for 24-hour design.
Peter Raynham/UK - Moving away from general task lighting in offices.
Brett Andersen/USA - 1717 Broadway – designing for the skyline.
Marco Frascarolo/I - Guidelines for lighting cultural heritage – a detailed analysis and lighting concept for the Colosseum.
Sophie Caclin/F - From lighting strategy to lighting scheme: innovative support for street lighting projects.
Claire Hamill/UK - Shining lighting on skin tone.
Katja Schiebler/D and Arne Hülsmann/D - Designing darkness.
Anne Bureau/F - “Light on Mars…” Cultural overview of the light on another planets and in the galaxy (in space movies).
Marina Silkina/RUS - Visual communication in the urban environment.

Keynote Speaker: Klaus Obermaier/A
Dr. Kevin Houser/USA and Dr. Michael Royer/USA - Evaluating light source colour rendition using the IES TM-30-15 method.
Abhay Wadhwa/IND/USA - The impact of lighting on the varying scales of the built environment. A lighting application case study of the Brigade Gateway Complex Bangalore, India.
Kerem Ali Asfuroglu/TY/UK - Light years – a journey with light.
Dr. Simon Simos/CH - Using daylight shading devices for the night-time facade illumination of a transparent building.
Johann Gielen/D - Contrast is content – media architecture without artificial light sources.
Maurice Asso/RL - Cinemacity in Lebanon – architect and lighting designer collaborate and achieve a unique outcome.
Athanassios Danilof/GR and Aleksandra Stratimirovic/SRB/S - Scotopic nightscapes: revealing cultural heritage in the Cycladic darkness.
Gillian Treacy/UK - Exploring daylight – new learning technologies in lighting education.
Prof. Dr. John Mardaljevic/UK - The colours of daylight: adventures with a spectrometer.
Tomasz Klimek/PL - Lighting design for the new seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice: unusual requirements – unusual approach.
Paul Boken/CDN - Lighting design for theme parks and interactive environments.
Michael Grubb/UK - Recycle, reduce & reuse…

Keynote Speaker: Daniel Latorre/USA
Dr. Anadi Martel/CDN - Research update on the therapeutic applications of light.
Neil Harbisson/UK/USA - The sound of colours.
Stephanie Denholm/UK - Hide the brightness, see the light – urban park lighting design: a new paradigm.
Jonathan Rush/UK - Circadian lighting – commentary regarding design and human impact. A lighting designer’s quiet trepidation.
Veronika Mayerböck/A - The use of light as a therapeutic tool.
Carlo D’Alesio/I - Light and horticulture – lighting technology applications for cultivating plants.
Roslyn Leslie/UK - Positive-camouflage in pedestrian lighting – lighting for our senses.
Deborah Burnett/USA and James Benya/USA - LED autopsy.
Oliver Stefani/D - How computer screens and tablets impact our circadian rhythm.
Carolina de Camillis/I and Riccardo Fibbi/I - 2000 years after: light on the centre of power – the House of Augustus.
Mahdis Aliasgari/IR/S - Illuminating the non-place.
Prof. Dr. Günther Leising/A - Human centric lighting: the future of the lighting industry.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michele Molè/I
Dr. Werner Osterhaus, Inger Erhardtsen, Dr. Lone Stidsen and Astrid Poulsen/DK - Lighting solutions for the treatment of bipolar disorders in psychiatric health care environments.
Marinella Patetta/I - Luxury spaces on a large scale: bespoke lighting design for the lounges at the New Doha International Airport.
Isabel Sanchez Sevillano/E/USA - Enhancing human experience in a confined environment through light.
Dr. Karolina Zielinska-Dabkowska/PL/CH and Dr. Amardeep Dugar/IND - Towards defragmented Lighting Design: concatenating research theories for effective use in design practices.
Dr. Carlo Volf/DK - Healthier asymmetrical solar architecture.
Claudia Paz/PER and Cesar Castro/PER - Interactive installations. Light with meaning, light for the people.
Pernille Krieger/DK and Eik Lykke Nielsen/DK - Lighting design to help elderly citizens live independently.
Majid Miri/IR/S - Luminance-based HDR photos to help lighting designers in their everyday work.
Nitika Agrawal/UK - Lighting for senior care home facilities: recommendations for ageing vision and dementia.
Lars Oliver Grobe/CH, Dr. Katrin Müllner/D and Björn Meyer/D - A novel data-driven BSDF model to assess the performance of a daylight redirecting ceiling panel at the Calgary Airport Expansion.
Anne Bay/DK - Glare – the “missing link” of lighting.


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