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PLDC 2017 Proceedings (englisch)

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Convention Proceedings - PLDC 6th Global Lighting Design Conference
1. – 4. November, 2017 in Paris/FR

Keynote Speaker: Franck Boutté/FR
Martin Hofer/DE - The street as a screen for non-verbal communication.
Emrah Baki Ulas/TR/UK - How things are connected in the strangest ways.
Ali Mahmoudi/IR and Maryam Khalili/IR - Ambient lighting design for pediatric environments.
Isabelle Corten/BE and Nathalie Rozot/FR/US - Humanitarian action – expanding the ethics of the profession.
Imke Wies van Mil/NL/DK - Design with knowledge – light in learning environments.
Dr. Heli Nikunen/FI - The dark future of road lighting.
Glenn Shrum/US - Incidents of lightness.
Caroline Hoffmann/CH - Luminaires and their non-visual characteristics – comparison of five electric lighting systems in a university centre for geriatrics and rehabilitation.
Ion Luh/CA - Student Learning Centre, a new lighting language for the millennial.
Sophie Stoffer/DK and Prof. Werner Osterhaus/DK and Inger Erhardtsen/DK - Spatial and colour perception when excluding short wavelengths from illumination sources.
Malcolm Innes/UK - Lighting for cities inhabited by people, not cars.
Vellachi Ganesan/SG/US - Stories of light – the process of making humanistic work.
Francesco Iannone/IT and Serena Tellini/IT - The correlation of lessons learnt – from 16th century art to 21st century office and healthcare environments.
Lyn Godley/US - The cross-discipline future of lighting design education.
Alberto Pasetti/IT - How neurosciences affect lighting design and visual perception.

Keynote Speaker: Kathryn Gustafson/UK
Dr. Alexander Rieck/DE - Communicative mobility – the digital shift.
Mark Major/UK - Communicating light + darkness – from sketching to VR: thoughts about visual communication and light.
Dashak Agarwal/IN and Dr. Amardeep Dugar/IN - Light colour temperature: exploring its relevance with the Indian multicultural context.
Pascal Chautard/CL - Ibero American lighting design, in search of an original way of developing the profession.
Martin Tamke/DK and Katja Bülow/DK - Calibrated HDRI in 3D point clouds.
Christiaan Weiler/FR - Sharing light – urbanity 4.0.
Andrés Sanchéz/DE and Carla Wilkins/DE - Evolution: what comes next?
Carlijn Timmermans/NL - Light poverty.
Akari-Lisa Ishii/JP/FR - Keeping an open mind – living and working in different cultures.
Barbara Matusiak/NO - Sunlight for indoor illumination.
Henrika Pihlajaniemi/FI - Smart lighting for urban experiences – engaging users for better services.
Christian Klinge/DK and Allan Ruberg/DK - What is smart? Lighting Design – a profession in transition.
Juan Ferrari/UK - The role of lighting narrative in theatre and architecture.
Dario Maccheroni/IT/AT and Uwe Belzner/DE - Human-scale lighting – the importance of human scale in urban illumination.
Dr. Sergei Gepshtein/US - The unknown space.

Keynote Speaker: Simon Ewings/NO
Rune Nielsen/DK - The luminous future of our cities.
Sara Castagné/FR and Rozenn le Couillard/FR - Alone we go faster, together we go stronger.
Kevan Shaw/UK - Charles Rennie Macintosh, Lighting Designer.
Tapio Rosenius/FI/ES - The future is for antidisciplinary designers.
Fanny Guerard/FR - Architectural lighting 2.0, the reinvention of heritage lighting.
Paul Traynor/UK - Lighting Design: a roadmap to professional credibility.
Anne Bureau/FR - Beyond the sphere – the visible and invisible of the lighting accompanying the new life of a baroque building.
Cashel Brown/UK - Trip the light fantastic: the role of lighting festivals and events in urban design.
Johannes Koponen/FI - Towards digital paradise.
Joe Vose/UK - The science of learning: learning smarter, not harder.
Prof. Dr. John Mardaljevic/UK - Daylight exposure in heritage buildings: balancing access and conservation (and avoiding ghosts).
Edwin Smida/DE - Digitalisation and wisdom.

Keynote Speaker: Martin Bremer/DE
Dr. Rianne Valkenburg/NL and Dr. Elke den Ouden/NL - Smart lighting in a smart society.
Jonathan Rush/UK - Self-experimentation in light.
James Benya/US - World’s first LEED and WELL Platinum Project.
Richard Taylor/UK - LiFi for lighting design applications.
Christina Hébert/CA - Lighting the urban environment: using social media data to understand the users of the city.
Prof. Susanne Brenninkmeijer/DE/BE - There is more to Human Centric Lighting.
Gudjon Sigurdsson/IS - Lighting new horizons of well-being at Blue Lagoon Iceland.
Koert Vermeulen/BE - Understanding "Design Thinking“ – you will never work the same again.
Stephen Willacy/DK - Participatory urban media architecture.
Deborah Burnett/US - Bioethics of lighting design.
Maurici Ginés/ES - Musée Soulages: the museum of shadow and light.
Thorsten Bauer/DE - Augmented spaces – about the digital future of our cities.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. John Lincoln/UK
Marina Lodi/BR/US - The urban underground, a sequence of adaptation.
Gilberto Franco/BR - Refining the perception of lighting designers.
Birgit Bierbaum/DE - Complexity vs. benefits: circadian lighting in existing group care facilities and private homes.
Dean Skira/HR - Transillumination – Tunnels, bridges, roundabouts: arguing for lighting design in technical projects.
Anuj Gala/IN/FI - Media facades and the disappearance of cities: what is the lighting designer’s role?
Simon Berry/SG - Are we human or are we dancer: re-contextualising the role of lighting designers.
Michael Grubb/UK - Creating retail experiences, not showrooms!
Aditi Govil/IN/US - A walk in a woman’s shoes: re-thinking lighting in urban nightscapes.
Kapil Surlakar/IN and Chandrashekhar Kanetkar/IN - Navigating professional hierarchies towards successful collaborative design.
Colin Ball/UK - Paradigm shift.
Tino Kwan/HK - Minimal lighting equipment to achieve maximum lighting effect.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Marco Bevolo/IT/NL
Ana Miran/UK - Improving spaces for individuals with autism spectrum disorder through the use of light and colour.
Dr. Karolina Zielinska-Dabkowska/PL/CH and Barbara Bochnak/UK - Creating a more conscious built environment for day and night-time settings through interdisciplinary collaboration.
Sophie Caclin/FR - Fifteen years and two lighting masterplans: analysis of the highlighting of the Part-Dieu district in Lyon.
Emmanuel Clair/FR - The legacy of a lighting design practice.
Zhuofei Ren/CN - Living in the colours of the colourblind.
Jenny Werbell/US - Measuring the immeasurable: place-making with light and the poverty of satisfaction.
Linus Lopez/IN - Lighting the Ghats of Varanasi.
Prof. Peter Andres/DE - Philosophy of HIFI: harmony – innovation – functionality – integration.
Gregor Gärtner/DE - Presenting light.
Christopher Cuttle/NZ - Integrating useful lighting metrics into the design process.
Susheela Sankaram/NL - A night drive.
Konstantinos Labrinopoulos/GR - Reinventing natural light as a concept for architecture – based on memories of light.


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