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PLDC 2007 Proceedings (englisch)

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Convention Proceedings - PLDC 1st Global Lighting Design Conference
24. - 27. October, 2007 in London/UK

Keynote Speaker: David Blackwood Murray/UK
Mark Major/UK - Learning from the Past – from Scheerbart to Ito: a short examination of the integration of electric light and architecture between 1900 and the present day.
Susanna Antico/I - The last word - How can a professional Lighting Designer ensure the quality of the final project?
Anne Bureau/F - Natural and artificial lighting system for the Nymphéas of Monet, Orangerie Museum, Paris/F
Primrose Cooper + Brian Breiling/USA - Light meditation and introductive overview
Derek Porter/USA - Seeing light: Evolution of a Practice
Bruno Viterbo/P - Speaking the Lighting Design Language
Victor Palacio/MEX - The Design Process in Museum and Exhibition Lighting
Richard Hobday/UK - The Architecture of Sunlight Therapy

Keynote Speaker: Rick Joy/USA
Naomi Miller + Terry K. McGowan/USA - Interactive Session: Confessions of Two Sustainability Geeks
Paul Gregory/USA - The Lighting Designer’s new role and responsibility
Denise Fong/USA - Sustainable Lighting Design - Can one Person or Firm make a difference?
Anadi A. Martel/CDN - Psychoactivation of Colors with Light Modulation
Jytte Basler/AUS - A foundation for the profession - the way forward in research
Stella Targetti/I - Night Scape. The Lights of the City.
Karl Ryberg/S - Monochromatic light therapy in a Ganzfeld environment.
Thomas Schielke/D - Architectural Lighting Images - Influence of Visualisation
Stine Christiansen/N/USA - Roadway Tunnel Light: Exploring the use of Light and Art for a pleasurable driving environment.
Pierre van Obberghen/CH - How to use color testing to determinate your client’s chromatic profile.

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Whalley/USA
Alkestie Skarlatou/GR - The pioneering school of Bauhaus
Enrique Peiniger + Jean Sundin/USA - Cost Tracking to protect your Lighting Scheme
Francesco Iannone/I - Is it possible to light a dream?
Richard Funk/D - Benefits and risks of light entering the eye
Pierre-Felix Breton/CDN - Digital Photography of Lighting Design Projects: High Dynamic Range Imaging. Techniques - Capturing and Rendering the Human Eye Perception
Inge Friebe/D - Light Art and the Art of Lighting Design – aspects of mutual inspiration
James Wallace/AUS - The Power and the Passion – Interpreting an Industrial Heritage Site
Pauline Allen/UK - Lighting up people’s lives – practical applications of light and sound therapy in a clinic based environment.

Keynote Speaker: Piero Castiglioni/I
Jenny Ivansson/S/USA - Darkness within the nocturnal city
Björn Malbert/S - Implementing Urban Lighting Design - experience from a pilot course for urban planning practitioners and master students.
Roger Narboni/F - “Paris Crown” Lighting Master plan
Light & Health workshops - Room 1: Experience the Sensora and Monocrome Dome / Room 2: Color testing, Visual Field testing
Patricia Lòpez-Yànez/EC - “Poetics of Lighting”
Gad Giladi/B - PLDA’s Approach for Harmonizing Lighting Design Fee Structures
Kevan Shaw/UK - Solid State Lighting : Myths and Futures
Amardeep Dugar/IND - Sensory Richness of Lighting Design
Cincia Ferrara/I - A step forward in our profession: A draft bill concerning lighting design
Christopher Thompson/USA - Chihuly Glass Exhibit: the royal botanical gardens at Kew

Keynote Speaker: Helmut Jahn/D
Kevin Dowling/USA - Luminous Surfaces: illumination becomes illuminating.
Erik Olsson + Jöran Linder/S - Interfacing with the Community - How Light can change the face of suburban Sweden
Thanh van Tran/VN - Sustainable daylighting design in tropical regions
Deike Canzler/D - Architectural lighting installations with a phenomenological approach.
Michaele Wynn-Jones/UK - Prison lighting observations of SAD and depression in a men’s remand prison.
Tommy Govén/S - The Background Luminance and Color Temperatures influence on Alertness and Mental Health
Mark Ridler/UK - Who do we design for and why? Ethical and philosophical models as a route to more effective design.
James Clar/USA - Lighting Design and visual systems.
Paula Longato/BR - History of daylight in office buildings.
Alexander Wunsch/D - Artificial light and health - a plea for the incandescent lamp.
Ian McCarthy/UK - “Liverpool - City of Light” - Architectural Feature Lighting Programme. Project Delivery and Impact Assessment.
Alice Prussin + Jaimi Baer/USA - Interactive Seminar: Collaboration between Architects and Designers: Challenges and Opportunities
Misty LaRae Owings/USA - Lighting in neonatal intensive care units.
Sachiko Segawa/J - Enjoying light and water.
Greg Byatt/UK - Enjoying light and water.
Dennis Köhler/D - The character of urban spaces during night time perception, orientation and movement.
Denise Hadden/RSA - Developing Human Potential through Enlightened Visual Awareness.
Dr. Marisela Mendoza/MEX/UK - Interior Lighting and the Circadian System.
Traian Stanciulescu/RO - The “Living Light” matrix: a bio-photonic approach to human harmony design.


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